The Carolyn and Maurice LeBauer City Park (‘LeBauer Park’) will provide exceptional recreational equipment and activities, as well as educational opportunities and public art, all within an extremely attractive, well-landscaped setting. To honor the bequest from Carolyn Weill LeBauer, the park’s programming will drive the design of the park, providing temporary and permanent park venues with a wide range of flexible spaces with the ability to accept a variety of programs, activities, and attractions throughout the year and seasonally.

The programming for the park creates a framework for revenue generation that provides for long-term maintenance and sustainability of the park. This park has the opportunity to establish a new “cultural campus” downtown, incorporating surrounding sites such as the Greensboro Historical Museum, Greensboro Public Library, Children’s Museum, Cultural Center, Center City Park, the Downtown Greenway, and the future Steven Tanger Center for the Performing Arts among other key assets.

“for the creation of a public park for the benefit and enjoyment of the general population of Greensboro, particularly children and their families.”