The City of Greensboro has been named one of the top-ranked digital city governments by The Center for Digital Government (CDG), a national research and advisory institute focused on information technology polices and best practices in state and local government. Among cities with a population larger than 250,000 people, Greensboro shared ninth place with Charlotte and Long Beach, CA and was praised for “working to become one of North Carolina’s next gigabit cities.”

Greensboro was hailed for its forward-thinking tech projects such as its municipal broadband initiative, which plans to use dark fiber to connect the City’s resources to area schools and universities as well as in neighboring jurisdictions. Also of note was the City’s possible public-private partnership to build out a broadband network to deliver affordable, high-speed Internet access to its residents, real-time tracking of fire equipment, the police department’s use of a mobile tech app MyPD, and the City’s cyber security program.

Now in its 15th year, the Digital Cities Survey is part of the Center for Digital Government’s Digital Communities program and is open to all US cities. The survey focuses on ten initiatives across four categories: citizen engagement, policy, operations, and technology and data. Responses are reviewed and judged based on a set of criteria and how well the cities implemented technology services across the entire city.

This is the first Digital Cities Survey Award for Greensboro. Additional information can be found on the Digital Communities website.