Make a Life in Greensboro, NC

Downtown_0210194842_City_Center_1208_0012Some say there are three kinds of people in this world: people who make it happen, people who watch what happens, and people who wonder what happened.

In Greensboro, we’re proud to be people who make things happen. Spend a little time in our city and you’ll see exactly what this means.

During our 200-plus years, we have played a significant role in American history, from the Revolutionary War to the Civil Rights Movement and beyond. Previously known as a textile town, saturated with mills, factories and blue-collar workers, we have constantly evolved the city to where it’s positioned now: an active, health-conscious, prosperous place to live, work and play with a vibrant, urban downtown that’s often a destination in and of itself.

Often called “Tournament Town,” our city is also widely known for its wealth of athletic venues such as courts, fields, stadiums and pools, as well as for hosting high-profile tournaments and national championships people reserve tickets for a year in advance. Guess you could say we love to entertain.

Our health care has expanded through the years from our earliest residents treating Civil War soldiers in churches and warehouses to our current highly educated professionals caring for those in need in nationally recognized medical facilities, using the latest developments in medical care.

For the 50,000 or so undergraduate and post graduate students studying here every year, we offer a slew of services, amenities and opportunities to help them grow and thrive. Thousands of us are proud to work at Greensboro’s five colleges and universities, a growing two-year community college, a law school and a collaborative joint campus operated by two of its largest universities.

Ironically, our most notable citizens haven’t necessarily possessed degrees of higher education or squeaky-clean legal records. But what they have lacked in classic virtues, they have made up for with wit, gumption, and the talent it takes to make history. From artists and actors to lawmakers and titans of industry, our residents always end up having a positive impact on the community.

Today, more than 280,000 people of all ages, nationalities, lifestyles, religions, backgrounds and experiences are proud to call Greensboro home. And we’re growing, thanks to our unified focus on economic development. When business people think about relocating or starting a new business, they think Greensboro.

How about you? Interested in a drivable vacation, top-notch colleges and universities, headlining concerts and sporting events, award-winning recreational opportunities? Think Greensboro. We do…every day.

Let us show you how we can make your stay here better than you ever dreamed. We will make it happen.